Why Expats Need a VPN

Why Every Expat Needs a VPN in their Life: How to Choose One

“How do you access things like Facebook and your blog in China?”  It’s one of the more common questions I get asked since moving here.  And I might add, it’s a very good question! Sometimes I wonder myself! Well, it’s all thanks to a little help from a friend, called VPN.  Now for someone ‘technically […]

Meeting New People as an Expat | Mint Mocha Musings

Why Every Expat Needs A Blind Date

My latest column for Expat Focus Those dam butterflies in my stomach… they’re persistent buggers! I try to catch my breath, inhaling, deeply… as our car crawls slowly in and out of lanes, jammed with thick Saturday evening traffic. We are late. Naively forgetting about the headache of weekend traffic in China, we’ve severely underestimated […]

Lanterns 13 CNY Street MMM

48 Hours in Xi’an: Top 5 Things To Do!

So, Xi'an is on your itinerary? In my mind, there are a couple of reasons you might find yourself in this second tier city in the middle of China. One: it's considered the … [Read More...]

Snap of the Day Looking down on the Village  Mint Mocha Musings

Ever Wondered What an Ancient Chinese Village Looks Like? Of Course You Have…..

I've been trying to get out of the city for a sneak peek into a local Chinese village since we got here, seven months ago.  There's nothing quite like getting up close and … [Read More...]

Tomb Sweeping Day  QingMing China

Forget Easter in China: It’s All About ‘Sweeping the Tomb!’

As a non-recovering chocoholic, I'll be frank, I am a tad disappointed the Easter Bunny does not visit China! That's not to say the Chinese Catholic Church and other Christian … [Read More...]

Old China

Six Months in China: What I Now Know!

High fives all round because it's not every day you get flung (some may say head first) into the middle of China with little more than your sense of (frazzled) humour!   Did I … [Read More...]

Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bucket List: What to Check Off, Before You Check Out

**A Mint Mocha Musings collaboration with The HK HUB** If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need convincing that Hong Kong is an absolute treasure trove of … [Read More...]

travel to China | Mint Mocha Musings

Four Good Reasons You Need to Travel to China

Yep! (other than coming to visit me of course!) If you've never been to China, I'm here to convince you to give it a shot, to put it on the bucket list!  I'm not promising a … [Read More...]

Lanterns in Xian Mint mocha Musings

Chinese New Year in Xi’an: IN VIDEO

As CNY (more commonly known around here as the 'Spring Festival') draws to a close, after a two week festive frenzy, I wanted to bring you a few snippets of the action from down … [Read More...]

In China for Chinese New Year

Bask in the Glow: Chinese New Year in Pictures!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! This week I'm going to give you a break from my running commentary on life in China, with a Chinese New Year colour fest instead! The Year of the Sheep is well … [Read More...]

hotel confessions- Cartoon

Behind the Curtains on China’s 5-Star Stage: Hotel Confessions

Five months living in the hotel and I finally got a backstage pass! (Just who do you have to um..know 'round here to get a behind the scenes tour!?) ;) I'm not sure what I … [Read More...]

baijiu production

China’s Genie in a Bottle: It’s Called Baijiu

I tentatively walked into the packed, brightly lit Chinese restaurant. While I'm getting used to being the only Gweilo in the room, this was my first 'local' dinner with part of … [Read More...]