Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors: The Largest Jigsaw in the World

Mention Xi’an – one of China’s 656 cities and more often than not, you’ll (understandably) get a blank look. Followed  by: “How do you say that? EX-ee-arn? See-arn?” For the record, the general consensus round these parts seems to be Shee-arn – with a slight T sound on the S… which of course if you’re […]

Getting a visa in China

China Visa Fiasco: Medically Speaking, I was Over-Exposed!

If you’ve ever had to obtain a visa to live in another country, you probably know where I’m coming from when I say, getting a China visa is like navigating an obstacle course!  At every turn, there’s a new unexpected hurdle, to test and torment you (aka as ‘pushing you to the very edge’)! Alas, […]

Crazy China |Mint Mocha Musings

China – Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Backwards.

We all have those days don't we, where everything we attempt to do is just plain difficult! The Gods are not smiling on us…..we usually just put it down to one of those … [Read More...]

Xian Shopping near Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Week Three: So this is China…

So, it's almost three weeks into this "journey" and I've had some time to exhale and gradually ease myself into life in China.  Ahhhh 'Life in China' -- even saying it out loud … [Read More...]

Westin Xi'an Expat Life

When the Lights Go Out: Hotel Confessions

It was late afternoon and little Miss A and I were sitting in the hotel lobby bar having a spot of afternoon tea. (What's a girl(s) to do in a new city!) Ava was doing her … [Read More...]

Life in China | Mint Mocha Musings

Wedding Crashers in China

So, our first weekend living on the mainland, somehow we inadvertently became wedding crashers! (As you do!) It was Sunday after all and following a mammoth Saturday … [Read More...]

Week 1 Oriental

Living in China: Week One – One Foot in Front of the Other

You know the feeling when you visit a city you've never seen before?  That dizzying anticipation, the unbridled excitement, the curiosity and wonder of what lies ahead? Well, … [Read More...]

Kids Living in Hong Kong

It Takes a Small Village to Raise a Child in a Big City

It’s four days out from the big C (the “big C" being our imminent move to Central China).  As you'd expect, I'm rushing around like the undoubtedly mad woman that I am, ticking … [Read More...]

Expat Bond | Mint Mocha Musings

The Expat Club: The Membership that’s for Life

As many of you know, our departure from the frenzy of bright lights, burgeoning buildings and bustling bodies that make up the metropolis of Hong Kong, is imminent. While I … [Read More...]


Let Asia Entertain You! **GIVEAWAY** ENTER HERE!

***Competition now closed*** A huge congratulations to all our fabulous winners and thanks to everyone who took part!    Mint Mocha Musings GIFT to YOU!  Enter to … [Read More...]

Fiji Girls

Beyond the Five Star Gates, Poverty Knocks!

As we gear ourselves up to embark on our second expat gig; unlike last time, when we moved to Hong Kong - this time two have become three! Moving to China is not just about … [Read More...]

Shopping Hong Kong

The Big 5: Shop till You Drop in Hong Kong

The top five shopping spots in the Kong. Recently here at Mint Mocha Musings we brought you The Big 5: Transport Yourself into Hong Kong's Heartland, a list of those can't miss … [Read More...]