Spoken Like a True Expat: Learning Chinese!

What’s the first question you ask Google madly, when you find out you’re moving to another country? For me, “Do they speak my language?” is up there with the best of them!  And what’s the one question I get asked by friends and acquaintances who now know I’ve moved overseas and immersed myself in the Orient?  […]

Life in Hong Kong

Red Taxis, Chopsticks And Chinglish: 10 things that make me a happy Gweilo…

Latest column for Expat Focus… I know eventually there will come a time when I am (through no fault of my own) forced to (with a very heavy heart) pack up my chopsticks (just kidding I don’t really own a pair), put away my Octopus card and leave those clean, clean (did I mention clean) […]

Beauty Collage

Fashionably Faux Pas: Where are the Asian faces?

For me, it was a headline that was hard to ignore. "A young Korean woman goes to extreme lengths to transform herself into Australian super model, Miranda Kerr!" We're not just … [Read More...]

BlackLane Limousine

Mint Mocha Musings Giveaway!

Take the Ultimate Ride in Luxurious Style..... ****Excited to announce MARI CHEUNG as our fabulous A-List Winner*** Huge thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! You … [Read More...]

Big5 Hong Kong Rickshaw

The Big 5: Transport Yourself into Hong Kong’s Heartland

The top five must-see sights in Hong Kong Lei Hou! About to jump on board a flight and transport yourself to the magical marvel that is Hong Kong? Then, travel lovers this … [Read More...]

SingaporeSkyline | Mint Mocha Musings

Singapore: Slick, Sophisticated and Sassy – but does it lack Soul?

As a certified 'virgin visitor' to Singapore, I had no preconceived ideas about the so-called 'Lion City' (aside from the rather titillating fact that 'Singapore Slings' would no … [Read More...]

China Behaving Badly | Mint Mocha Musings

Chinese Tourists Behaving Badly

Why the world's biggest globetrotters are getting a bad rap!   If you've been living under a rock lately, you may be forgiven for failing to notice there's a new breed … [Read More...]

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Relocating to Hong Kong: What You Need to Know

Latest Column for Expat Focus As an expat blogger in Hong Kong, I get all sorts of weird and wonderful requests to collaborate. Everything from joining a 'baby formula selling' … [Read More...]

flying away

Travelling with Children? Top Tips for Flying without Fear!

So, not all that long ago I completed my 'gazillionth' flight with my small person to another country. No. Mean. Feat. Actually, as I began writing this post, I was still 'up in … [Read More...]

The new Kowloon skyline and Hong Kong's tallest under construction building, The International Commerce Center ICC that will have the third highest roof in the world, Hong Kong, China.

Back to the Future in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Looking at Hong Kong with a bird's eye view, you'd be hard pressed to see how there's even the tiniest space in this jam-packed corner of the earth to develop any further! "Find me … [Read More...]

Hong Kong Helpers

Maid in Hong Kong – the Helper phenomenon…

It's a phenomenon in the best sense of the word! Both impressive and extraordinary. In this multicolored, multi-cultural city of contradictions, there is a culture in Hong Kong … [Read More...]

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What Does a New Mum Look Like Anyway?

So, by now you probably know this is not really a blog about 'mumsy' stuff - even though I am a blogger and I am indeed a mum! I figure there are plenty of mummy bloggers out there … [Read More...]