Saving Money

Five Fail-Safe Ways to Save Money (after Christmas)!

Ahhh “money” and “saving” in the same sentence. I know! Trust me, it’s not exactly my area of expertise (or enjoyment for that matter)! Just ask my husband and he’ll tell you how (for want of a better word) hopeless I used to be at “saving!” But! Yes, there’s a but….  When American Express asked […]

Sydney Siege

We Are All One Type of Human – The Sydney Siege

Today like so many of you, my heart is heavy….the pit of my stomach hollow. The Sydney siege is playing on my mind. Glued to the television like thousands, maybe millions of others, I watched the tragic events unfold before me on Monday up here in North West China. Thankfully access to news channel CNN […]

Xi'an Streets | Mint Mocha Musings

Living in China: Is there a Doctor in the House?

So it's been one of those weeks in deep dark China, where our family needed a visit to the local GP….  Winter lurgies and all are upon us… and after a 20 hour journey from the … [Read More...]

Xian Lit up| Mint MochaMusings

Ni Hao Xi’an: The Birth Place of Ancient Civilisation

Warning: this is not a history lesson but it may involve the words ancient, museum, monuments, ruins and dynasties! Three months into this relationship, it's time we learned a … [Read More...]

Outside the Westin Xian

Hotel Confessions: Cushioned by the Five Star Bubble(s)!

Eight weeks in deep, dark China and hurrah, we are finally in our own apartment (albeit attached to the hotel…which in all honestly is proving more often than not, a … [Read More...]

Muslim Quarter in Xian China Expats

Expat in a New Country? My Top Ten Survival Tips

Latest Column for Expat Focus.... I've been living in the middle of China for almost two months now. It's my second expat posting, so while I'm not a newbie to "expat … [Read More...]


Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors: The Largest Jigsaw in the World

Mention Xi'an - one of China's 656 cities and more often than not, you'll (understandably) get a blank look. Followed  by: "How do you say that? EX-ee-arn? See-arn?" For the … [Read More...]

Getting a visa in China

China Visa Fiasco: Medically Speaking, I was Over-Exposed!

If you've ever had to obtain a visa to live in another country, you probably know where I'm coming from when I say, getting a China visa is like navigating an obstacle … [Read More...]

Crazy China |Mint Mocha Musings

China – Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Backwards.

We all have those days don't we, where everything we attempt to do is just plain difficult! The Gods are not smiling on us…..we usually just put it down to one of those … [Read More...]

Xian Shopping near Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Week Three: So this is China…

So, it's almost three weeks into this "journey" and I've had some time to exhale and gradually ease myself into life in China.  Ahhhh 'Life in China' -- even saying it out loud … [Read More...]

Westin Xi'an Expat Life

When the Lights Go Out: Hotel Confessions

It was late afternoon and little Miss A and I were sitting in the hotel lobby bar having a spot of afternoon tea. (What's a girl(s) to do in a new city!) Ava was doing her … [Read More...]

Life in China | Mint Mocha Musings

Wedding Crashers in China

So, our first weekend living on the mainland, somehow we inadvertently became wedding crashers! (As you do!) It was Sunday after all and following a mammoth Saturday … [Read More...]