Producing in China

Made in China: Not for Sale in China – Why Global Brands are Missing from China’s Shelves

I have a four year old who likes toys. Ok, let’s face it, is there are four year old on this planet who doesn’t like a toy or three? (Cue Frozen theme song: “Let it gooooo!” Obviously followed by tormented parents hastily burying Frozen DVD in the rubbish while child sleeps.)  Me? I don’t have […]

Visiting Lishan Mountain Xi'an

Culturally Enlightened: The Big Day Out, China Style! (Anyone for an eyeball massage?)

Living in China, I am always up for a new experience, a chance to make new memories and of course, a good story to write about! So, I rather enthusiastically agreed to go on a team building exercise with the hotelier and his well, team and their families! A day trip out to the mountains […]

Shanghai City

Shanghai Shenanigans: A Weekend in the Paris of the East

It might be called the 'Paris of the East' but to me, back then, it was the wild west!  I first visited Shanghai from Hong Kong about four years ago. My initial impressions? … [Read More...]

Travelling to China | Mint Mocha Musings

Travelling to China: Top Ten Things to Pack

So the holiday's approved, ticket's booked and all you need to do is throw a few things in the suitcase and you're ready to face the music err mayhem, madness and (of course) … [Read More...]

Hangzhou Lake at night

China’s Paradise on Earth – Hangzhou! Is it Worth a Visit?

If you do an internet search for the top places to visit in China, more often than not, Hangzhou will score a place in the top ten.  Before last weekend, I didn't know too much … [Read More...]

Why Expats Need a VPN

Why Every Expat Needs a VPN in their Life: How to Choose One

“How do you access things like Facebook and your blog in China?”  It’s one of the more common questions I get asked since moving here.  And I might add, it’s a very good … [Read More...]

Meeting New People as an Expat | Mint Mocha Musings

Why Every Expat Needs A Blind Date

My latest column for Expat Focus Those dam butterflies in my stomach… they're persistent buggers! I try to catch my breath, inhaling, deeply… as our car crawls slowly in … [Read More...]