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Eight Cultural Taboos in China You Really Ought to Know….

I’ve been skulking around China for the best part of 12 months now….and while it’s just a drop in the ocean as far as hardcore ‘China’ immersion goes, I am starting to piece a few bits of the puzzle together (yeh – just a few, it’s a mighty big puzzle).  A lot of the ‘a […]

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Asia Versus Europe: Let’s Play Spot the Difference!

Given it was my first time out of Asia in seven months and for the hotelier, two years (Yes! two god dam years!), it was always going to be an  amusing amazing experience on all fronts! Heck, just crossing the road was going to be fraught with a little bit of excitement! And it was! “What? Errr you […]

Silk Road China

Travelling the Famous ‘Silk Road’ in the 21st Century: Will You Take the Journey?

Amongst the plethora of news that permeates our daily lives from the tele, the radio, the internet, our inbox, social media….there's a small chance you may have heard (or read) a … [Read More...]

China Roads

“Mad Max” Scenes! The School Run in China!

So the truth of the matter is, I may well have been heard (from across the miles) whinging and moaning a few times (just a few) about the hour and a half (plus) round trip to take … [Read More...]

Repatriation back home | mint mocha musings

Repatriation is Not a Dirty Word!

It’s a Completely Different Ball Game: Tips to play it well! "Expat!"  In my current circles, it’s a word tossed around between friends like a ball between team players … [Read More...]

Producing in China

Made in China: Not for Sale in China – Why Global Brands are Missing from China’s Shelves

I have a four year old who likes toys. Ok, let's face it, is there are four year old on this planet who doesn't like a toy or three? (Cue Frozen theme song: "Let it gooooo!" … [Read More...]

Visiting Lishan Mountain Xi'an

Culturally Enlightened: The Big Day Out, China Style! (Anyone for an eyeball massage?)

Living in China, I am always up for a new experience, a chance to make new memories and of course, a good story to write about! So, I rather enthusiastically agreed to go on a … [Read More...]